data bath – 2014

The semester theme “raw, rough, robust” required an architecture thought in an infrastructural sense. The Upper Rheinvalley was to be context for the intervention.
After a fieldtrip and an observation of the infrastructures, infrastructures of energy production in particular became the focus. The energy production capacity in the Upper Rheinvalley is not fully exploited and due to foreign concurrence exports is not possible. As a reaction to this fact the idea of an over regional and energy intensive infrastructure was developed.
The design is a subterranean data centre linked to a hydroelectric power station cavern that uses the waste heat for a thermal bath. The generic space for the servers and the corporeal and haptic space of the thermal bath juxtapose each other in one design.

. ETH Zurich D-Arch, 6. Semester, in collaboration with Noël Fäh, Prof. Dr. Marc Angélil, 2014